Best places to work in Lisbon for dog-lovers (and dog owners too)

For dog-lovers in Lisbon who are not currently the owner of a cãozinho, I understand the unique challenges you face. Being a dogless dog lover presents some (admittedly minor) difficulties.


Perhaps you are a nomad and having the responsibility of owning a dog conflicts with your wanderlust, but you wouldn’t turn down a pup or two hanging nearby whilst you work. Or maybe you are a freelancer living in Lisbon, like me, and just quite like having zero financial or emotional responsibility at all for a fluffy but ultimately living thing.


Having worked in Lisbon for almost two years, I know a little about where the best canines are to be found. ‘Best’ criteria assessed against the all-important trio of cuddliness, friendliness and handsomeness


Oh, and to be clear, the places listed below have good wi-fi and all the other things you would typically require for working.

Kite at Boutik

Kite roams the quiet street along Rua de São Bento, appearing in the distance as a golden shadow that shuffles along merrily down the path. He is always doing his own thing, a bit like an undiscovered model completely unaware of the beauty he possesses.


But I am. I will admit that more times than I care to mention I have gone down the road with the hope of a mere glimpse of the native Brazillian Golden Retriever.


Anyway, Kite is calm, reliably present and 10/10 a total charmer, greeting you anytime you walk into the cafe.


After you have exchanged initial pleasantries (which he will do with abundant enthusiasm) whether or not you have proved yourself to be a potential food source will determine the tone of any subsequent meetings.


I say this because when at Boutik, I observe Kite taking a particular liking to those who disobeyed this sign on all tables:


Tosta at LACS

Tosta is a French bulldog who is a big fan of feet and not so much of long coats (deduced after she barked at me whenever I wore my long green coat. Will accept she might not have liked the coat all that much). These are two of the three most important things discovered whilst working for a month at the LACs co-work space in Anjos.


The other being her complete disregard of rules. Willfully ignoring her owner point blank when it comes to any kind of command, this was none more so evident when she did quite a large poo right in the middle of the office.


Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily want to go as far as owning the cute but disobedient Tosta, she brings great comedic value to freelancing tasks.

Unobvious Lab

Unfortunately, due to a combination of having not yet mastered the Portuguese language and getting too embarrassed to keep on asking, this English bulldog’s name remains unknown. It will continue to be a mystery until I have acquired additional language knowledge.


In any case, this rambunctious, stocky little dude is always sitting directly under the stairs that lead up to the co-working space. That is, if he isn’t already waiting and ready for you at the front door. When approaching he is a bit like a learner driver, clumsily reversing into you for scratches.


The only downside is that he appears to be going through some growing pains.


…in other words, he really likes humping.